Announcing Snake Eyes – A Social Dice Game

snakeeyeslogin_0000s_0005_snake2-copyMush LLC is excited to announce the upcoming mobile app game Snake Eyes.

Stay tuned for release date. Here is what the game is all about:

Roll as many times as you like…until you roll a 1 or SNAKE EYES. Play against up to 7 players and keep track of your performance against any player.

First player to score over 100 points wins. Players have unlimited rolls; or, on their turn, may “stay” and book any points they’ve earned. Doubles are worth double points, but a player must roll again before booking their score. When someone reaches over 100 points, players have one more chance to roll and beat that score. The game cannot end in a tie.


1. When a player rolls a 1, their score returns to where they started the round at.
2. If a player rolls snake eyes, the score goes back to zero. If player is on zero and rolls snake eyes, the score goes to -50.
3. If a player rolls doubles 3 times in a row, their score goes back to zero.
4. If a player lands on 100 exactly – including if the roll was doubles – their score goes to zero.
5. If the game ends and players have zero or negative points, they must pay double.